Attraction magnets 12 best conversation topics for dating and pickup

Being able to smoothly follow the flow and rhythm of the interaction, rather than trying desperately to keep the conversation to the mental flow chart of things that you are comfortable with, will let you respond and react with ease and confidence. A skilled ballroom dancer cannot be wishy-washy or insecure; he has to take the initiative with purpose. A dancer leads with his body, keeping a firm frame and firm, deliberate movements.In addition, skill at improvisation helps when you’re dealing with interruptions and obstacles. This is not a time for being indecisive; a weak lead impedes communication, which in turn, ruins the dance.No conversation in a public space is guaranteed to be without distractions, whether it’s her friends or incoming cockblocks from other would-be suitors; being able to smoothly incorporate them into the interaction – rather than doggedly trying to keep the conversation on track – is the sign of a confident man. A dancer with a weak lead will confuse his partner, collide with her at the wrong moments, step on her feet and cause her to stumble.

Over the last few months, I’ve covered some of the more obvious traits and behaviors that you need to adapt in order to improve your success with women.

But while you’re busy brushing up on your fashion and learning how to eliminate “Nice Guy” behavior from your emotional repertoire, there are some skills that you may never have realized you need.

Ones that, despite lacking any time to start boning up on these skills; with some dedicated study time and effort, you’ll have a head start when spring break and summer vacation roll around.

Theatrical improvisation – perhaps most famously used by the legendary comedy troupes the Groundlings, the Upright Citizens Brigade and Improv Everywhere and famously popularized by The basic focus of improvisation is communication and confidence, two things whose importance I cannot emphasize enough.

Improvisation requires clarity of communication – in order to ensure that ideas are properly understood, active listening and awareness and the willingness to take risks and make choices on the spot without thinking.

Improv requires being focused strictly on the , rather than worrying about potential consequences or failure.

Overthinking is the death of improv – and it’s the curse of many a nerd who’s trying to talk to the woman he likes. The male role in ballroom dancing is to provide the rhythm and timing of the dance as well as guiding his partner through the motions and directions.

Imagine, if you will, the freedom you would have if you didn’t worry about every little thing – if you weren’t weighing your every word for possible misinterpretation or fearing every single possible negative outcome. Leading in ballroom dancing requires being willing to take charge and with purpose.

Agree and amplify the insult to the point of ridiculousness and suddenly the joke has been turned on the insulter. At first this seems to be a bit of a “Duh, George,” idea; after all, every girl loves a guy who can hit the dance floor at the club and show off a little. Even when his partner is unfamiliar with the dance, a dancer with a strong lead can guide her through the steps with ease, erasing her uncertainty and providing the confidence she needs.

But I’m not talking about the sort of dancing you’ll find at clubs and music venues. Confidence and leadership – as I have mentioned before – are incredibly attractive traits in men.

Being a confident is expressed in more than just bragging; it shows in your body language, in the way you move and in the way you stand.


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