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She can play with words and find a good lawyer but on the prin- ciples of the situation, she’s wrong,” Mladenovic said.“She has no excuse that can defend what she’s done. “As far as I am concerned if I take an aspirin I worry.She’s been taking this drug for 10 years and it’s a serious drug.

Sharapova announced on Monday that she had tested positive for the banned substance meldonium, saying she had not read an email telling her the drug was added to Wada’s list in January.

The Russian, who says she has been taking the medication for 10 years for a number of health issues, began a provisional ban yesterday and could be suspended for up to four years.

Nike, Porsche and Tag Heuer have all announced they are suspending their sponsorship of the former world No 1 but Murray slammed Head after they said they planned to extend her deal.

Men’s No 1 Novak Djokovic says he feels sympathetic towards Sharapova, as a friend, having known her for a long time, but admitted she had to face the consequences.

But last night, leading French player Kristina Mladenovic said all the players felt Sharapova had been bending the rules.

“You sure doubt and think that she didn’t deserve all she won until now,” she said.

“That’s dreadful, but it’s good that it’s finally out.

The Scot added that he would consider leaving any of his sponsors if he felt strongly that their ethics did not match his.

“I guess it’s possible,” Murray said in Indian Wells, where he was due to begin his title bid last night.


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