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P&CH : Aarbechten um CR 101 tëscht Koplescht a Schëndels. Muer ass déi Stréck och nach emol zou, vu Moies 8 bis Mettes halwer 5.Buy a draft from 5pm to 8pm and not only will you get off refills from 5-8, we'll serve it in a nifty pint glass featuring the logo of an internationally famous brewer, and you get to keep the glass!

There are also many Brewery specific events with opportunities to taste new beers and meet beer experts.

Yes, the vast bulk of Americans still drink the schlock of beers, from the big brewers that seem to spend more on marketing than on the corn and rice that fill out their bland product.

But the bourgeois beer bohemians among us -- whether 20-something hipsters or middle-aged connoisseurs -- are going strong, restlessly racking up exotic brew experiences from Rochefort Trappistes to Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze, like so many notches on a bedpost.

Taverns that feature dozens and dozens of ales and lagers on tap are a trend that's working up a head.

With a carefully planned stock of over 1,000 bottles, 102 taps, and 5 casks, Max's Taphouse is rated to be one of the best beer bars in the world.

The bartenders are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and attentive.

Tell them what you like and they'll help you find you something you'll love.

Max's has frequent events including the Annual Belgian Beer Fest, Rare & Obscure, Hopfest, American Craft Beer Week, Italian Fest, and more.

If you live within driving (or, better yet, walking) distance of one of these multi-tap beer palaces, you're lucky.

But before you order your first draft, a few pointers.

Make sure your pub is obsessive about beer freshness and the hygiene of the great lengths of tubing that connect taps to kegs.


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