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The books and manuscripts necessary for the task existed in no library in the W 7 orld; hence, in 1859, I commenced collecting material relative to the Pacific States. Alegre (Francisco Javier), Historia de la Compania de Jesus en Nueva Espafia.

After securing everything within my reach in America, I twice visited Europe, spending about two years in thorough researches in England and the chief cities of the Continent.

Having exhausted every avail able source, I was obliged to content myself with lying in wait for opportunities. Alcedo (Antonio de), Diccionario Geografico Historico.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the one thousand eight hundred and seventy four, by HUBERT H. In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. To the immense territory border ing on the western ocean from Alaska to Darien, and in cluding the whole of Mexico and Central America, I give arbitrarily, for want of a better, the name Pacific States.

In pursuance of a general plan involving the produc tion of a series of works on the western half of North America, I present this delineation of its aboriginal in habitants as the first.

geneity in the subject thus territorially treated, there is an apparent tendency toward ultimate unity. A.), Dix Ans de Residence d un missionnaire dans les deux Californies. Alzate y Ramirez (Jose Antonio), Gacetas de Literatura de Mexico.

To some it may be of interest to know the nature and extent of my resources for writing so important a series of works. Almaraz (Ramon), Memoria de los trabajos ejecutados por la Comision Cien- tifica de Paciiuca. Almaraz (Ramon), Memoria acerca de los Terrenos de Metlaltoyuca.

In 1869, having accumulated some sixteen thousand books, manuscripts, and pamphlets, besides maps and cumbersome files of Pacific Coast journals, I determined to go to work.

But I soon found that, like Tantalus, while up to my neck in water, I was dying of thirst. The facts which I required were so copiously diluted with trash, that to follow different subjects through this trackless sea of erudition, in the exhaustive manner I had proposed, with but one life-time to devote to the work, was simply impracticable. Oak, librarian of the collec tion, came to my relief. THE NATIVE RACES OF THE PACIFIC STATES OF NORTH AMERICA. The modern history of West antedates that of the East by over a century, and although there may be apparent hetero- 486816 viii PREFACE. To its exotic civilization all the so-called older nations of the world have contributed of their energies; and this composite mass, leavened by its destiny, is now working out the new problem of its future. Alzate y Ramirez (Jose Antonio), Memoria sobre la Naturaleza, etc., de la Grana. The characteristics of this vast domain, material and social, are comparatively unknown and are essentially peculiar. RIVERSIDE, CAMBRIDGE: PRINTED BV H O HOITOHTOV AND COMPANY. Stretching almost from pole to equator, and embracing within its limits nearly one tenth of the earth s surface, this last Western Land offers to lovers of knowledge a new and enticing field ; and, although hitherto its several parts have been held somewhat asunder by the force of circumstances, yet are its occupants drawn by nature into nearness of relationship, and will be brought yet nearer by advancing civilization; the common oceanic highway on the one side, and the great mountain ram parts on the other, both tending to this result.

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