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Press the Shuffle button to choose a random question but BEWARE…Intimacy questions are in there too!!Oh, and if you want to ask your online friends any of the questions, you can click on Share and select from Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text.You might get love, a relationship, a kiss or more…whilst having fun!

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Design your mini, and join thousands of players online.

All sizes, genders, sexualities and star signs welcome!

Meet new friends and lovers, play games to advance your relationships, chat together and exchange pictures.

Progression is totally free - never spend a cent, penny or button, unless you want to.

Get ready to MEET others, PLAY games and fall in LOVE.

From Digicub, the makers of over 3 million mini love stories.

I think the game looks amazing I was looking for hours to find a new game/app to play and was so happy when I found a this, I made my character and my personality and was ready to meet others when I found out it only works with a Facebook account which I don't have and don't plan to have, if there's any other way to log in then someone please tell me and I will re-rate this a higher score, I was really disappointed!

HIMYNAMEIS is the perfect tool if you are looking for a partner or a friend.

By using short video clips instead of pictures we create better matches.

HIMYNAMEIS will always be free to download and use.

Play this game:- with friends or someone you like- or use it at college or a party to spice up the chat DATING GAME FEATURES: The app is designed to make your chat more interesting & fun by asking questions you wouldn’t normally ask.

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