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I was inv...― If you found last time's quick look at the producers and studio interactions less exciting, you'll be glad to see this guide delve back into the artistic side of production.

Right at the end of TV serie...― After the release of its anime version and two manga variants, the original light novels of Tsutomu Satou's The Irregular at Magic High School have arrived in English, courtesy of Yen On.

Details are limited — even a title hasn't been announced — but artwork and a tagline are available.

The tagline translates to "I wonder what sort of goodbye we'll have." R-INFINITY is seeking four scenario writers and has a job posting linked to the game's webpage.

It seeks writers interested in utsuge (depressing games) with a "dignified" writing style and adept at portraying complicated emotions and appealing to the hearts of women in their late 20s to 40s. According to the company's official Twitter feed, it has already received numerous applications.

You know the character relationships are probably going to stagnate, and you know any steps toward true romance will likely be walked back in a chapter's last few panels, ...― Our team of reviewers are following 30 anime series of the Summer 2016 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up.

So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the season.

...― Heather asks: I work at a local community college and have become involved with the anime club at the school.

As a 30-something anime fan, my approach to and experience with anime is quite different from the younger people in the club.

The game will charge fees for item downloads and be available for the i OS and Android in the fall.

R-INFINITY has mostly developed games for male audiences previously, although its fairy tale-themed game Saiai Märchen: Lotte Forest no Dōwa is aimed at a female audience.

[Via R-INFINITY official site and Netlab] ― Otakon 2016 was held at the Baltimore Convention Center August 12-14, 2016.

IMG otakon2016-51IMG otakon2016-1IMG otakon2016-2IMG otakon2016-3IMG otakon2016-4IMG otakon2016-5IMG otakon2016-6IMG otakon2016-7IMG otakon2016-8IMG otakon2016-9IMG otakon2016-10...― Nobody's told me about any fires in the Anime News Network offices, so I'm going to go ahead and call the inaugural instalment of This Week in Games a success. This week we've got a su...― There's something inherently charming about a good manga romcom.


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