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It's part of her freedom and her life, to work, if she chooses to.

So we face that decision in the future."Earlier this year Saliers penned a letter posted on the Immigration Equality Action Fund asking laws be changed regarding same-sex couples.

Saliers also explained her situation in Washington, D. at a briefing before Congressional staffers."My partner Tristan is from Canada," she wrote.

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We soon became friends and then slowly fell in love.

Even though we are a completely committed family (which includes our six-month-old daughter!

), there is no way for me to sponsor Tristin to keep our family together." Indigo Girls are currently on an extensive Canadian tour which concludes in Moncton on Oct. The group released their last studio album "Beauty Queen Sister" in 2011.

Since their first major label release 25 years ago, the Indigo Girls have been on the frontline of American folk rock. Do your partners get to go out on the road with you during certain parts of tours?

Indigo Girls singer-guitarist Emily Saliers announced during a Vancouver show Saturday night that she tied the knot with her Canadian partner (now wife) Tristin Chipman. She's from, well, she was born in Calgary but she spent most of her adult life in Toronto. She's geographically a hybrid."I got married in New York because we would've got married in Canada if it counted in the U. We waited such a long time." "Canadian girls are awesome! " Saliers said before getting back to the performance with the song "I'll Change." Saliers married Chipman, who works in the music industry in Toronto and has been Saliers longtime partner. Saliers, 50, told Global News earlier this year: "If everything goes as we're planning, we will be married in Canada," Saliers said.

As seen on You Tube, Saliers revealed the news between songs during a show at Vancouver's Vogue Theatre. "But our hope is that we can live in the United States.

We got married in New York so that she could get her green card so we could be free.

We can't stay in the United States if my partner is unable to work.

The duo of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray met in elementary school in Georgia and began rocking out in high school. My girlfriend was our tour manager for a while…now she comes out and visits and Amy’s family comes out.

Both are active outside the realm of the Indigo Girls. If we’re playing a show near friends, we get to visit out-of-town friends. lang, and Ellen were the first stars really to come out publicly. Are these people that you socialize with and have close friendships with? Ellen, we love her show and we can’t get on it anymore!

Ray has a vibrant solo career and non-profit organization helping independent musicians while Saliers penned a book with her father and is a restauranteur. With Melissa, we used to run the same concert path and circles.


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  2. Despite numerous e mails, BE2 refuse to answer my questions.

  3. For the first date, he drove 120km to visit me, slept over at the guesthouse I work at. Two days later he came to visit again, the next morning, I realized I had fallen for him.

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