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This led to the identification of the criminals' vehicle - a black Vauxhall Astra.

Both women were then arrested in late May, though their male accomplice wasn't found.

"I don't care how much I love the director and the actors," Pascal writes of the A-listers. Not even once ever works." She adds: "As much as I want movies. At least the marketing departments at both studios have something to sell like looks big and glossy. The Untitled Cameron Crowe project is expected to be released on May 29, 2015.

We have this movie in for a lot of dough and we better look at that." PHOTOS: Love on set She also takes a moment to slam Rudin for not engaging in the production of the film.

After realizing that their combined guest list would top 300, Amy and Cameron decided that they wanted something different for their special day.

She kept him busy on the fake date while Ireland broke into his home and stole personal belongings and jewellery.

But the pair were caught after a teenage boy who was in the house alerted his mother - the landlord - and the victim began to be suspicious about the behaviour of his new flame.

They appeared at Isleworth Crown Court on November 12 and pleaded guilty to the offences.Officers seized CCTV evidence from the petrol station where the victim was lured on the date.Sony principals exchanged emails regarding upcoming film projects that they were looking forward to, like ), which was slammed as "ridiculous" by Pascal in one message. Cameron never really changed anything." PHOTOS: 2014's breakout stars The Sony Pictures head also finds flaw with the film's characters in her email. I'm never starting a movie again when the script is ridiculous.PHOTOS: Celebrity feuds — the biggest of 2014 The movie, which is scheduled for a May release in 2015, is produced by both Crowe and hotshot producer Scott Rudin — who found himself in hot water last week after his racist email exchange with Pascal was leaked online by the hackers. "Scores same as last time and way way worse in ny," Pascal writes about the Untitled Cameron Crowe project. "People don't like people in movies who flirt with married people or married people who flirt," she writes. And we all know it." Pascal has some experience with failed film endeavors involving Crowe, like his disastrous 2011 movie, , starring Matt Damon.The plot of the untitled action romance is centered on a military defense contractor (Cooper) who ends up falling for a pilot (Stone), while reconnecting with a long-lost love (Mc Adams).PHOTOS: Celebs' best shapes ever in film roles Not that the star-studded lineup even matters. Her somewhat-scathing email rant came shortly after the film was screened last month in Huntington Beach, Calif., and NYC.


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