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Despite his condition being known to benefits staff, Edward, who has an identical twin, was told to travel to the centre in Derbyshire for the face-to-face meeting so his condition be assessed - or risk losing his benefits.Despite his condition being known to benefits staff, the teenager (pictured with his brother William) was told to travel from his home in Derbyshire to an assessment centre for a meeting - or risk losing his benefits Edward will hear the outcome of his claim 'imminently', a DWP source said.Mr Bright said he will receive the same amount, which covers the cost of taking him to his various medical appointments and other day-to-day living costs.

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And user named jubourbon commented on one of her pictures: 'Paola... I'm going through a tough time for health reasons, and seeing your photos and videos, you inspire me to fight and always try to look on the bright side!

'While Paola has made the choice to focus on positivity and trying to inspire others, her parents talked to br about the horror of their daughter's accident, describing it as 'the worst day of their lives'.

Lanky young men in their 20s with bruised knees and banged-up boards — the reigning generation of neighborhood skaters who own this humble place — line the cramped plateau of a quarter pipe.

Régimen de prima media con prestación definida: Es administrado por Colpensiones, donde existen dos requisitos fundamentales que son un número mínimo de semanas cotizadas y una edad mínima.

El número mínimo de semanas son las establecidas por la Ley 7, es decir, para el año 2013 serían 1250 semanas.

En cuanto a la edad, sería de 60 años hasta el año 2014, y a partir del año 2015 son 62 años.

Este número mínimo de semanas varía dependiendo básicamente si se es o no beneficiario del régimen de transición.

Para los beneficiarios de este régimen las semanas necesarias serán 1000, y en ciertas ocasiones las personas pueden adquirir su derecho a pensión de vejez con 500 semanas cotizadas.

Las personas que no son beneficiarias del régimen de transición necesitarán desde 1050 a 1300 semanas cotizadas, dependiendo de la fecha en que se cumpla la edad mínima necesaria. Régimen de ahorro individual con solidaridad: Es administrado por los fondos privados de pensiones.

En este régimen no son tan importantes la edad ni las semanas cotizadas, ya que lo realmente importante es contar con un capital mínimo necesario para poder financiar una pensión.

But after his 16th birthday in January, Edward received a letter from officials, ordering him to attend an assessment so he could start claiming the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which has replaced DLA.

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