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The Mosquito Control Kit - Ultimate contains both the chemicals and equipment you need to professionally treat larger areas or multiple properties for mosquito infestations from small to severe.

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For non-licensed residents of NY, SD, MA, CT, AZ, IN, KY, LA, NJ, and NM see our 1 x Excite R Insecticide A professional pyrethrin insecticide for a quick kill of many common insects or to be mixed with other insecticides for indoor and outdoor applications including turf-grass. *Altosid is safe for use around fish, aquatic life, amphibians, other beneficial insects, and pets. *Store unused granules in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and pets.

Label MSDS The Mosquito Control Kit - Ultimate includes products that are easy to measure and apply in quantities that treat larger yards or multiple properties. STEP 3 - INSECTICIDES and INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR - Talstar P, Tekko Pro IGR, Excite R Insecticide, Solo 451 There are three concentrates with different active ingredients included in this kit.

This kit also offers the versatility of multiple concentrates that can be mixed and applied at the same time. All of these concentrates must be diluted with water and applied with pressurized spray equipment.

As with all pests, it is crucial to address the environmental conditions that support mosquito populations. We recommend using Talstar P for most applications, adding Tekko Pro IGR for heavier populations, and diluting Excite R with one or both of these solutions to include a faster initial cleanout of existing adult mosquitoes.

Tekko Pro IGR prohibits the development of immature mosquitoes, and Altosid Pro-G is a larvicide to treat standing water or areas likely to flood. *Apply Altosid to temporary and permanent sites which support mosquito larval development such as bird baths, gutters, animal feeding troughs, small ponds, rain barrels, unused swimming pools or hot tubs.

This kit treats up to 96,000 square feet (Talstar P only) plus over 5,000 square feet or over 20,000 gallons of water. *Altosid also may be used on sites such as salt and tidal marshes, freshwater swamps and marshes, drainage areas, ditches, retention ponds, sewers, catch basins, irrigated croplands, pastures, and orchards.

We recommend that the most complete mosquito to find and reduce the hot spots where mosquitoes breed and harbour. See the product label for complete list of approved sites.

Using this complete approach will ensure you get the best results out of your pesticide applications to help stop mosquitoes from spreading dangerous diseases like West Nile and the Zika Virus. *Application to sites subject to water flow or exchange will diminish effectiveness and may require higher application rates or more frequent applications.

While it is unrealistic to expect 100% control of all mosquitoes, taking the time to do a good STEP 1 - SANITATION Because mosquitoes need water to lay eggs and develop, finding and eliminating water sources is a crucial step in managing mosquito populations. These concentrates may be applied with the included Solo 451 Mist Blower, or with a pump sprayer.

*Check for areas where rainwater collects such as bird baths, flowerpots, gutters, rain barrels, pool covers, animal drinking water receptacles, deep hollows in trees, standing puddles, and any other areas where water may collect. *Follow the included instructions to assemble the Solo 451 Mist Blower.

Minimize water collection and empty these containers as you are able, and treat other standing water with larvicides (see STEP 2). See also our video above regarding assembly and spraying.


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