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by Mike K (Virginia) My wife and I have been married since April, 2008.She has a son, now 17, still living at home with us.When we first talked about marriage we agreed we would wait until her son graduated high school.

She had promised her son she would not move him again, as she and her ex had moved several times during the years before we met. Having made many mistakes with my own children I was not anxious to take on the role of step parent to a teen who already exhibited signs of being spoiled, immature, and unconcerned with becoming ready to be self-reliant.

For different reasons, both family-related and economic, we moved up our wedding date.

Since my wife and step son moved into our home he and I have butted heads more frequently.

My wife and I had a very open and easy communication with one another except when it came to situations involving her son.

Don Carter, I tried to email you at the address you provided, however it came back, twice.

To anyone who feels that a chat room, where we can offer, or receive, advice for those of us dealing with these issues, please post a message on here to let the moderators no that we think this is a good idea. I've been living with my girlfriend and her daughter for 8 months now.

Been dating for almost 3 years as I am divorced with 2 children of my own.

While we eventually worked through many of the situations, lately I am finding it more difficult to voice my concerns about what I see as his weaknesses and continuing lack of desire to prepare in any meaningful way to assume the mantle of adult.

I see we are at a crossroads in our relationship and marriage.

I believe we have the devotion to each other, to ourselves, and to our marriage to make things work out but I am at a low point mostly due to the trouble I am having in voicing my concerns without making them come out like attacks on her parenting skills.

I don't have any close friends to talk these concerns over with so here I am.

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