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However, one of them - David - stood out, and he was the one I started to see more regularly, and eventually we obviously got married.

Just to dispell some of the myths on your site - David is younger and shorter and less "educated" than me - So the stereotypes aren't always true. We also have a lovely 5-year old son, who has transformed our lives. I do appreciate the confidentiality policy, which makes complete sense.

However we contacted this client as she had recommended a high quality friend to join so we contacted her to send a Thank you that she could drink, if you can pop the corks off!

This was her reply: I just wanted to let you know that I was quite surprised to hear from The Club - it brought back a lot of happy memories.

My husband, David, and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago, having met through the Club.

In the first few months I was quite disappointed, as I did not have any dates - and I was starting to feel quite down.

But just as I considered leaving and to forget it all, my advisor asked me to hold on a little longer - and I am not quite sure what she did, but suddenly most of the guys I said I would be interested in meeting agreed to meet me.

I think in retrospect she had slightly spun the truth, as most of them were a bit surprised when they met me and found out I didn't live in London.

It was the biggest morale boost I could have had though, and every one (apart from one) of the guys I met was lovely and wanted to see me again.

I took the opportunity to look at the website again after having talked to you, and it was lovely to see how much better developed it now is, and I particularly like the bit on "love stories".

My husband and I often have said how surprised we were not to have been asked for any feedback. I realise that this is not what you asked me to e-mail you about - but I thought I would like to express a couple of thoughts after having just re-looked at the website.

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