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I began navigating the new dating environment with a sense of trepidation, but also adventure.

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Certain behaviors are warning signs of potential problems.

By learning to recognize the warning signs, we can often avoid the relationships that won’t be healthy for us. However, if we notice that sometimes our text messages are completely ignored, this could be a warning sign.

I had a potential date ignore all text messages after work.

To me, this signaled that he had a relationship and couldn’t be responsive when at home, and I later confirmed that this was the case.

His apology essentially accused me of being the problem, and was a sign I needed to end the interaction.

Yes, we all hate to have those conversations, but as women in particular, we need to be vigilant about protecting ourselves.People who have a relaxed attitude about contraception and display a lax attitude about protection may not be looking out for our best interests.If someone is interested in us, they will make themselves available.If we can never reach them by phone, or find our calls screened most of the time, this may be an indication of emotional unavailability.When we’re dating people who refuse to take responsibility for mistakes, we should beware.I spent time talking to someone who made insensitive jokes, but then blamed me for being hypersensitive when I expressed my discomfort.


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  3. This question has been making the rounds since the time Hunter was spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger during a television appearance.

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