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Student at Erinsborough High (1994–96) Newsagency assistant (1994) Journalist (1994–2001, 2004) Student at Eden University (1997–2001) Barmaid (1998–2000) Waitress (1999) Carpenter's Mechanics owner (2002–07) Teacher (2003, 2007–) Elizabeth Grace "Libby" Kennedy (previously Kennedy-Fitzgerald) is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Kym Valentine.

She made her first on-screen appearance on 3 October 1994 and departed on 6 October 2004, returning briefly for a single episode on 18 October 2005 before returning on 12 November 2007.

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In 2008, Valentine was forced to take sick leave for one month and executive producer, Susan Bower, made the decision to temporarily recast Mc Leod's Daughters actress Michala Banas in the role for a month.

Valentine took leave from Neighbours in 2010 due to ill health and returned to the set in January 2011.

A few months later, Valentine took indefinite leave from Neighbours to focus on her health.

In March 2014, it was confirmed that Valentine would be returning to Neighbours. She was given the role of the Kennedys' only daughter, Libby.

Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne were cast as her on-screen parents and Benjamin Mc Nair and Jesse Spencer were cast as her two brothers.

Of her comeback Valentine said "I really felt like I was coming home and it was very easy to slip back into the role of Libby, she's like an old friend.

Plus she was older and the writers were able to do a lot more with her so it was a great time to return." However, as the character was involved in too many storylines, executive producer, Susan Bower, realised that she could not be suddenly written out of the show and she took the decision to temporarily recast the role of Libby.

Bower called Mc Leod's Daughters actress, Michala Banas and asked her to take over the role.

Banas told the Herald Sun, " It was crazy, a whirlwind.

I spent the first week of filming really stressing about it – am I doing this right, is this what Libby would do, am I making the right choices?

I felt this real sense of responsibility to Kym and to the character and to the show.


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