Agency holding companies consolidating agencies 2016

Billions of gallons of AMD impair over 5,500 miles of streams within the Commonwealth.

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Overview Provides funds to businesses through the four Ben Franklin Technology Partners for access to capital, business expertise, technology commercialization services to advance the development of new technologies and for the generation, conservation, and transportation of alternative and clean energy.

Uses Direct company investments, business and technical support, technology and entrepreneurial infrastructure, and administrative expenses.

Funding A percentage of the BFTDA appropriation in the Commonwealth’s annual budget as determined by the BFTDA Board Ben Franklin Technology […]Overview This fund is a grant program administered by DCED.

Funds are provided from the PUC, by an assessment of the basic rate changes of Century Link, Verizon and Windstream.

BOAF is designed to assist rural community’s aggregate demand for broadband services.

The goal is for rural communities to overcome challenges associated with low density populations and physically remote areas in procuring broadband services.

Grant assistance is provided to qualified applications to implement outreach programs concerning […]Overview Provides mezzanine capital for developers for real estate assets in small to mid-sized Pennsylvania communities.

Apply Through The Single Application: If after reading the guidelines you feel your project fits the guidelines, register and apply using the Single Application.

Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the programs.

Act 13 of 2012 establishes the Marcellus Legacy Fund and allocates funds to the Commonwealth Financing Authority (the “Authority”) for abandoned mine drainage, abatement, and treatment.

Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) is one of the largest sources of stream impairment in Pennsylvania.

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