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Long rivers such as Nile, Niger, Zaire, and Zambezi drain the continent.

The continent consists of more than 50 countries, and occupies a large amount of land divided into distinct ecological zones.

In colonial times Africa was exploited for its natural wealth, which led to major consequences such as slave trade, indentured labor and forced migration of people.

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Africa even today stands out as a continent marked by violence, AIDS, underdevelopment and poverty, amidst vast resources of minerals and natural wealth.

Diversity Africa has a rich and diverse presence of humanity which has adapted to different ecological zones, complex socio-economic spheres and has managed to still preserved its culture and traditions in the face of a hoary and often turbulent past.

Linguistic diversity is seen in the number of languages and dialects spoken in Africa, up to two thousand.

Africa is the second largest continent and the most populous after Asia. Origins of humans and hominids are traced back to Africa, making it the oldest inhabited region.

It has a diverse geography ranging from deserts to snow capped mountains.

Tropical rain forest is present in the equatorial region.

Due south are found the grasslands which give way to the coastal plains.

Marimba Ani, "The continuity of African cultural identity has been interrupted by the experience of slavery.

We as people, have not been allowed to find our way back to the sense of cultural identity and continuity needed to function in the world with a collective consciousness." People and Culture When one thinks of Africa, many ideas come into the mind.

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