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Try this tip out and let me know how it works for you.

I think you'll see a big difference in your results with men when you lead them to call you.

Lisa Copeland, “The Dating Coach Who Makes Dating Fun and Easier after 50!

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They have their own sexual issues and need to feel secure that you are going to be safe to share this side of their life with, especially since the media portrays men as always wanting and able to have sex. Dear Lisa, I'll be 50 this month but I got started kind of late in life with children. Most men have raised children already and aren’t interested in a second round. If you can date to date – meaning just date and have fun – dating should be easier for you.

Truthfully, today most men 50 or older want to get to know you first too before hopping into bed with you. You want someone who is going to make sure you always feel emotionally and physically safe. The answer is yes but your selection will be slimmer to choose from, especially if you are looking for a mate.

And some men offer it as a way of making you feeling safe if giving out your phone number feels uncomfortable.

Now if you’d like a man to call you first, you'll want to lead him to step up and be your hero by saying, “I feel more comfortable when a man calls me first … ” When you just offer your number, you can come across as aggressive and again, it can put you in the position of pursuing him versus the other way around.

Dear Lisa, I’m kind of new at dating but my friends have told me that by date No. But the email chain often fizzles because men like being the pursuers of the women they are interested in. To avoid being put in this position over and over again, men will offer you their phone number first.

And it really does show disrespect for you if he’s not willing to wait until you’re ready. I did not call but in my return email I gave them my phone number and said I look forward to hearing from them. Shouldn’t a guy make the first contact if the woman is willing to provide her phone number? I want you to understand that when you make first contact by writing a man, they will often write back because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

In fact, if a man pressures you, it means his agenda is sexual – not relationship oriented. STDs including HIV are on the rise so you want to protect yourself! Kiss, hug, touch and only do what feels good to you and trust your intuition to guide you. It may just take some patience along with dating a lot of men to find someone agreeable to your situation. Recently I emailed two different guys online who both gave me their phone numbers to contact them.

It’s fine to hold off having sex until you are ready to have sex. You don’t need to mark yourself as ‘not datable' for the next 10-12 years. You do deserve a life with a companion if you desire one.

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