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They don't appear to have any Customer Service that I can find to complain about the situation and find out what's causing this situation.They also don't have any mechanism for removing profiles that don't respond to messages.

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Updating the profile is also difficult due to bugs in their system. Found out when tried to cancel it was paid for a full year. Being a busy mom of 2 I decided to give online dating a try. Only to get to a final screen telling me there are no matches for me... There is no man aged 38-50, anywhere in the world, of almost any nationality that could be a possible match?

Mainly, there just isn't a large enough population of matches to go around because apparently most interested viewers aren't as blind as we who are making these posts when we signed up! I would take the POF site over this one having used both. Very hard to cancel subscription which I tried several times. Thankfully I didn't spend any money, but still it's a fraud and scam...

I had gone past the "time period" and they charged for a year. I live in Canada and they had tons of Americans on my site to match!!!! Pages and pages of terms and conditions and things are hidden in them. If anyone has a positive result from this I'd love to hear about it - so far, all I have seen are A LOT of complaints.e Harmony is "down for maintenance" about 30% of the time when I try to log in.

I inadvertently signed up for a whole year of e Harmony, and in all honesty, I do like the service they provide.

Filters people well because only someone willing to pay top dollar is on this site and that, along with matching based on profile are really the only positive attributes of the site. Met three people, cost too much and had very few matches. And a waste of money too, with no one from near where I live. However, when I had the blessing of finding a girlfriend after 3 months, they refused to provide any kind of a refund for the remaining 9 months. I signed up for a dating site last year the e Harmony.

Very difficult to create a decent profile due to limited selections or to custom tailor the profile so in many areas almost not worth doing. So I cancelled my subscription and decided to try Zoosk. One chap was not a match, but that is just the way things go. You can't erase your profile if you still have months on the contract. Then I realized that it's too expensive so I cancelled over the phone then the woman told me I cannot cancelled because the payment was still in process, but she told me that next year which is this year it will not going to auto renew my subscriptions but then I found out that they automatically renew and charge me again.

Clever pop up windows to get you to sign up for total BS stuff or renew your subscription are unethical. The second just wanted sex and so was disappointed. When I called today and asking for refund because I did not authorize to renew this account she told me there's no phone call last year wanting to cancel my account. They're ripped you off trying to get all your money! So I am going to get my money back no matter what... Just now, tried to sign up again - now divorced, but it stored my original e-mail so automatically denied me.

The founder looks to me like some religious fundamentalist and not very trustworthy. :) And the third one went on 5 dates and then disappeared, re-appeared and was given a second chance and cancelled it and then left the re-arranged date early to meet his friends!! I tried once to sign up and answered questions honestly. So used my other e-mail, went through all their questions, selected my ages, location - I chose anywhere in the world, and I chose almost every nationality...

The "Guided Communications" feature turned out to be virtually useless. They will keep charging you every month if you want it or not. Read all the other reviews on this site about e Harmony.


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