Adult content amture sex pictures

Nude images or photos in which any part of the item has been obscured, covered, or hidden.

The entire image must be visible because members need to see exactly what they're buying.

Note: e Bay normally allows nude and sexually explicit images as long as they're listed in the correct category. But we do allow media titles and descriptions (film titles, CD names or track lists, for example) containing profanity on main pages and in the Adult Only category as long as the original production company title or description also contains the profanity. Can buyers use Pay Pal to buy items in the Adult Only category?

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e Bay defines nudity as male/female genitalia, anus, or female breasts where the areola or nipple is visible.

Butts (male or female), bare male chests, or female breasts where the areola is not visible aren't considered nudity.

We won't determine if an item constitutes art, but we'll review the content of the listing description, images, and categories to determine if an item should be removed.

For sellers that don't meet the pre-approval requirements, please see the listing restrictions below.

Searching for Adult Only items Learn more about how to search for Adult Only items.

Please don't visit the Adult Only category if you don't want to see explicit materials.

e Bay does not permit clothing listings outside the Adult Only category which contain adult or sexually-oriented images or descriptions, including fetish or other adult themed items.

These guidelines explain what's OK to list, what you can't list, and where you should list these items.

Additionally, you need to follow any applicable laws or shipping restrictions for adult material. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and your buying and selling privileges could be restricted.

Sexual Wellness category We let pre-approved sellers list certain bondage items, sex toys, and sex accessories in the following categories: Seller accounts are automatically reviewed for pre-approval at the time of attempting to list in these categories.

In addition to pre-approval, sellers listing items in these categories must meet the following listing requirements.


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