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My room rules are bit complex Please dont be a beggar ,free chat is for free so no showing unless I feel like do it Dont ask me to be your mom, I am not and will never be No pussy in free chat but you can always get it in private and trust me is really pretty Yes I use toys!just in my bedroom so join me if you have the pleasure.

I started this just to let you know me a little bit better.

I am nothing but a simple woman, never saw myself as a great beauty, just a woman that normally will pass by with nothing much extraordinary to offer.

But after a short time I just realized that every man and every woman have much more to offer and to get from each other, we just need to relax a bit and dont struggle to much.

I just love men and I love to receive compliments but most important I just love to make people happy, and if making you cum with me,will make you happy then is a great pleasure for me to do it with and for you.

Remember I dont date so please gelosy is kind off well try to realize every person can love more than one.told you I love in different ways Never tried to use more than one toy,in time I may get to try it but if I dont promise you that dont insist Man sizes well lovers I like dicks true not too big and not too small so 14-22 cm is great size..:) what is bigger will not fit I try to accept all pleasures ,is every ones right but for me toilet games.sorry guys will not do them.

And yes I try not to vomitif you have a girl to do it for you is better you choose her.

I am not a robot so I dont dance when u give order.i love to dance when I feel like itor if you are a special for me.

I had the chance off meating so many great humans,with so much stories and needs, I just try to make dreams real and fantasies come true, I feel is important that we get to fulfill some of our dreams.

That is just a short personal page for me just to share you bit from real all have stories and I just love to hear them,we all like to make sex or in much more cases to make love(,become personal.)I will try to update the page from time to time,and let you know how my life goes,but just for those that are interested in .


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