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This holds true whatever the age of the child, although with younger children you will need to choose a camera that can withstand a bit of rough treatment - or buy a waterproof housing to protect it from grubby fingers and occasional knocks and bumps. How old should a child be when he or she is given a camera?

It depends on the child's level of interest and their general approach to equipment.

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Kids' cameras are usually clunky with few or no adjustable controls and very low resolution and terrible picture quality.

Even a young child will soon find them frustrating to use once the initial novelty has worn off.

Your money will be better invested if you buy a 'real' camera because it will last longer, provide far better pictures and enable the recipient to actually learn about picture-taking.

Kitty Cams research examined the nature of outdoor activities of owned cats by monitoring pets outfitted with "Kitty Cam" video cameras.

Kitty Cams allow recording of a cat-eye view without disrupting behavior.

We used Kitty Cams to investigate the activities of urban free-roaming cats in Athens, Georgia from Nov. 2011, with goals for wildlife conservation and for improving the health and well-being of pet cats.With Christmas just around the corner, many parents (and grandparents) are wondering what to give their loved ones this year.If you're a photo enthusiast, a camera is often top-of-mind.Most children enjoy digital cameras because they provide instant feedback and heaps of fun for both the photographer and his or her subject.Some pre-schoolers can learn to use a simple digital camera after a short instruction session from an adult.It's reasonably easy to find a camera to suit your kids - and your wallet - provided you see the camera as an investment in the child's future exploration of the wonderful world of photography.

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