Acceptable dating age difference

All in all this rule means well but is utterly stupid, pointless, and probably causes more harm than good in the long run. First off it must be understood why this rule came to pass.

For hundreds of years there were two types of young relationship-aged women: the marrying kind and the whores.

You either were looking for a husband as directly as you could or you were selling your body to the highest bidder.

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The point you need to take away from this is that women acceptably going out into the dating world is a relatively new concept for our society and this is, I feel anyway, where the 3-date rule most likely got started.

With little experience given to younger girls from their mothers, who were most likely living in an age much closer to the “wife or whore” era, girls needed a way to navigate the dating world that would be accepted by their parents, their prospective mate, and (probably most importantly) other women.

Right away it was agreed that fucking on the first date was out of the question…sexuality must be held back to prove to the man that you were NOT one of “those” girls, you were potential wife material.

If you were ugly, unable to have children, not a virgin, or in some other way undesirable to prospective husbands you either became a pauper or a whore.

Thankfully, over the past century, this predicament has changed considerably.

Now the idea of a woman losing her virginity, going on dates, getting a job, traveling, etc., before getting married is totally acceptable and even encouraged in educated American society.

Unfortunately the end goal is still there, the idea that getting a husband is essential at some point, but that’s a different issue for a different article.

There’s a code amongst most women (and some men, but mostly just women) that when you are first dating someone you should wait until the 3rd date for you two to get sexual together. There’s an entire site dedicated to the rule and there’s even a Wiki article for it.

The idea is that fucking on the first date is completely out of the question because then you are presenting yourself as a whore, fucking on the 2nd date is a bit better but still too fast, and waiting to fuck until the 4th date is too long…if you wait until the 4th date you risk the man becoming disinterested in you or thinking you are frigid.

No siree, the 3rd date is the “magic” date where fucking is destined to happen.

Afterall, if the man is interesting enough to go on 3 dates with he must be cool enough to fuck, right?


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