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Thin enamel, jaws moderately robust, large incisors ith canine honing mechanism.

Some increase in brain size, more chimpanzee-like than human-like, quadrapedal locomotion combined with vertical climbing, arboreal clambering (mobile shoulder), highly frugivorous but omnivores.

If fossil species A is consistently recovered from geological deposits beneath layers containing fossil species B, then A is considered older than B.

In history, archeology and science, the process of dating discoveries helps provide important information about the find.

Dating a fossil, for example, can help scientists learn more about where the discovered creature fit into evolution or can assist them in identifying the specimen.

Science uses relative and radioactive dating to determine the age of these discoveries, but these two methods are different.

if fossil species a is consistantly recovered from geological deposits beneath layers containing fossil species B then A is considered older than B.

this relative dating technique is based on what principle while conducting a study on hypoxia among individuals living in the peruvian andes you have been able to show that individuals in the population have likely suffered hypoxia and/or resided there for long periods of time.

you know this because In an anatomy lab you are shown both of the upper arm bones of a single individual.


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