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Customize the needs around your schedule and the Seeking Sitters Professional Sitters will come to you!

We're looking for a long term nanny for our 2 boys.

Our oldest is 3 and just started preschool, which he attends 3 days a week.

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My husband and I are both restaurant managers, so our schedules vary each week.

Therefore, we need a nanny who has lots of flexibility.

The great part is that we know are schedules several weeks in advance. Looking for a nanny to meet our 5yr old daughter at the school bus (p ish).

Review the general types of sitting events or visit your local area now for pricing information.

Make a single request from your online account or call and request directly with an area representative.

We assign sitters based on your preferences, past sitter assignments and sitter availability.

When your assignment has been accepted by your sitter, you will receive a notification by e-mail and the sitter will contact you directly to introduce herself.

If you are looking to use the same sitter on a weekly basis, a "regular event" is a great option!

Any regular event (an event that reoccurs weekly) is set up with one assigned sitter with Seeking Sitters coordinating any need for an unexpected substitution. If you are looking to utilize the same sitter/nanny for a full-time need, utilize our Professional Sitter placement service. Once you place your sitter request, Seeking Sitters babysitting referral service is immediately notified of the request and starts working right away to match you with an available sitter.

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