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Using Marin’s bidding algorithm, a tool that isolates & acquires valuable media buys, Cupid Media was able to drive 78% more free sign-ups, which contributed 23% more revenue than its average free sign-up.

In addition to these favourable increases, Cupid Media also achieved a 28% decrease in average cost-per-conversion, meaning that Marin’s bidding algorithm delivered more net revenue on a reduced cost basis.

When he died of cancer four years ago, he made her promise to keep living her life to the full and not become a lonely widow.

She explains: 'On his death bed he told me to get new boobs and a lovely toy boy.

He told me, "I'll be looking down on you smiling, saying good for you Joan".

He made me write it down in front of him and sign it.'She said: 'I get on with young people so I wanted a toy boy.

I was going for someone who would make me laugh and not make me feel like I'm older. People will say you are too old to wear something like that leave it to the younger people but that's not how I feel.

I went on Facebook and got 700 messages from guys but they weren't what I wanted.' However, she was then contacted by Phil. I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but if I can dress young and it looks nice I'm me, I'll buy it.'He said: 'My previous relationship with girls my own age were terrible because they said they could handle my epilepsy but deep down they couldn't. If I haven't met someone like Joan I would have been single for the rest of my life.The Australian brand has just released the results of its partnership with Marin Software, a cross-channel marketing platform that provides businesses with a range of technology tools designed to improve performance.'I've never had any experience with any girl at all but I knew that I liked her,' he says shyly of the thunderbolt moment when he realised that this was the woman that he wanted to spend his life with.When the pair met, Simon was 30 and still living at home with his parents in Birmingham but his lack of success in love all changed when he met Edna and bonded with her over his love of organ playing.And both say the age gap 'doesn't affect things in the bedroom', with Simon joking they are 'at it like rabbits.' He added: 'You have to have a sense of humour about sex as it's a ridiculous thing anyway.'Edna needs a walking aid to get around and she said her lack of mobility can be frustrating.But Simon says it doesn't bother him and he doesn't notice the physical differences in their ages, nor worries that he could face decades without his true love.

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