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I interviewed him again about a year later Chicago Magazine. Lee Bey Your Comment: On Feb 22, 1999 at [EST], Ken Beider ([email protected]) asked: "I spent the afternoon buzzing about until I landed here. Any chance of picking up vidios of a whole show, such as Garfield Goose. I am hoping to get out to Chicago later this month and visit the museum. As a child in the 60's I grew up mesmerized by the early WGN experience.

Just hearing his voice made me feel like a kid again. My decision to become a motion picture director was influenced, in no small part, by the sheer joy and love of craft that went into all the great shows produced in Chicago in that golden age.

Happily, I achieved my goal, and have now returned to the land of my childhood to raise my own children.

I only wish there was some way to bring back the magic of Chicago's television from those bygone days. Your Comment: Can someone please tell me first of all, if there were 6,000 Garfield Shows done, why are there only a few clips left?

These are shows that are fondly remembered by so many who grew up in the Chicago area, and your page does a super job of rekindling those childhood feelings in us post-40 year olds. I was a huge fan of BJ and Dirty Dragon during my childhood.

Now that I'm an adult (33 years old) with kids of my own, I really do appreciate (and miss) the inventiveness of the shows and their ability to entertain with humor and wit instead of kicks, punches and product tie-ins.

The children of today (I sound like my parents) are missing a lot.

But I will say that as a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, one of my biggest thrills was interviewing Bill Jackson in 1995 for a Sun-Times story. Ken" The Museum of Broadcast Communications ( has several episodes in their archives available for viewing; I'm not sure what's available for sale, though. Your Comment: I am so excited to find that your organization exists.

For now, though, I'm just glad there's a place that preserves what was... (we heard this today at the Museum of Broadcast History). I have also been trying to find out what happened to the old cartoons that were played on the Little Theater Screen, specifically the old Grimms Fairy Tales. Why isn't the Museum putting out any of their clips on video for everyone to buy? Also, we were not able to get in to see the GG puppets close because of a board meeting in the room, and we were surprised to not see the puppets not given a proper setting.

No one has been able to come up with anything, even Ron Kurer. This show gave a lot of us irreplaceable memories as children. Thanks Your Comment: I remeber quite vividly running home from school each day with my friends so that we could watch Bozo Circus at noon each weekday.

Thanks, Karen Your Comment: I am trying to create an extension to "The Library of Chicago Radio and Children's TV" including local professional wrestling and roller derby page. Some days if we ran faster than usual or our teachers would let us out a little early, we would always see Orion Samuelson (who I believe is still on WGN TV and Radio), who would have a 1 minute show called "Perspective" (I think).


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