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The general programs focus on educational issues for lifelong learning, while the teacher-training programs are specifically for Early Childhood and Elementary Education and the Teaching of English as a Second Language.


SCHMID, Ph D Arizona State University; Professor Distinguished Professors Emeriti HAROLD ENTWISTLE, Ph D University of London ELLEN JACOBS, MEd Tufts University PATSY M.

LIGHTBOWN, Ph D Columbia University SANDRA WEBER, Ph D University of Alberta Professors PHILIP ABRAMI, Ph D University of Manitoba; Provost’s Distinction ROBERT BERNARD, Ph D University of Washington PAUL BOUCHARD, Ph D Université de Montréal AILIE CLEGHORN, Ph D Mc Gill University MIRANDA D’AMICO, Ph D Mc Gill University NINA HOWE, Ph D University of Waterloo Associate Professors WALCIR CARDOSO, Ph D Mc Gill University SAUL CARLINER, Ph D Georgia State University; Provost’s Distinction LAURA COLLINS, Ph D Concordia University ANN-LOUISE DAVIDSON, Ph D University of Ottawa ARPI HAMALIAN, MA American University of Beirut MARLISE HORST, Ph D University of Wales SARA KENNEDY, Ph D Mc Gill University JOANNE LOCKE, MLS Mc Gill University SANDRA MARTIN-CHANG, Ph D Mc Master University KIM MCDONOUGH, Ph D Georgetown University M. OSANA, Ph D University of Wisconsin-Madison DIANE PESCO, Ph D Mc Gill University HARICLIA PETRAKOS, Ph D Mc Gill University STEVEN SHAW, Ph D Concordia University PAVEL TROFIMOVICH, Ph D University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign VIVEK VENKATESH, Ph D Concordia University DAVID WADDINGTON, Ph D Stanford University JOANNA L.

WHITE, Ph D Mc Gill University Assistant Professors ADEELA ARSHAD-AYAZ, Ph D Mc Gill University CAROLINA CAMBRE, Ph D University of Alberta SANDRA CHANG-KREDL, Ph D Mc Gill University GIULIANA CUCINELLI, Ph D Mc Gill University HOLLY RECCHIA, Ph D Concordia University Senior Lecturers TERESA HERNANDEZ-GONZALEZ, Ph D Universidad Complutense de Madrid SARA WEINBERG, MA Concordia University Lecturers HEIKE NEUMANN, MA Concordia University For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives The Department of Education offers general undergraduate programs as well as two teacher-training programs.

submitting an application to graduate to the Birks Student Service Centre.

To remain in the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Specialization program and to be recommended for certification, students must: Students who obtain a grade that is below the above required level will be placed on conditional standing within the program and will be so informed in writing.

Students will be allowed to repeat the course in question only once, the next time the course is given, in order to achieve the required grade.

In addition to the application submitted to the University, specialization applicants MUST complete an additional application which may be obtained from the Early Childhood and Elementary Education secretary.

NOTE 2: Students may be recommended to the Quebec Teachers Certification Service for a Quebec permanent teaching diploma, valid for teaching kindergarten and cycles 1 to 3 (Grades 1 to 6) provided they have met the following requirements: 1.

successfully completing the degree and certification requirements for the BA Specialization in Early Childhood and Elementary Education; 2.

satisfying the English language proficiency requirements of the MEESR; and 3.


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