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Its most famous resident may be Santa Claus, but Finland holidays are definitely not just for Christmas. It almost goes without saying that the scenery is breathtaking from the outset but the real memories are the dogs and the bond you form with them. Some other activities are included in the price of the week (snow shoeing/ cross country skiing etc). Also if travelling as a couple, split your clothes/toiletries between you as the small aircraft you take from Helsinki has limited... Far too many to mention personally - running the Helsinki Marathon (fantastic scenic route! There were so many memorable parts: seeing a bear (and being able to hear it snuffling) only metres from our hide; canoeing down rapids; paddling across peaceful lakes and not seeing another soul all day; the beautiful scenery; picking a glut of wild berries; making coffee over the campfire and discovering yummy Finnish foods. It certainly was one of the best cycling holidays we have ever done. Our guide, Jarno, was superb in every way, including cooking up the best soups over the lunch time fires.Europes seventh-largest country straddles the Arctic Circle, encompassing splintered archipelagos, 188,000 lakes, and far-flung Finnish Lapland, stretching towards the North Pole. Cruising through the wilderness with your own team is a mixture of calm and excitement that is nicely balanced by caring for your dogs when their work is done. We loved all of it - the food, accommodation, tour guides and the northern lights were spectacular. ) at the end of the trip was a personal highlight but aside from this I also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of northern Finland and great accommodation throughout the trip. Hmm, all of it, we had such a great time I couldn't really pick any one thing over the rest Tips? Choosing a holiday operated by local people meant you really got to know Finland. Staying in cabins on the shore of the lake and some great cycling. It was the mosquito season and they were voracious, so bring plenty of repellent! It certainly benefited local people who ran small guest houses where we stayed. He was expert at interpreting animal & bird tracks in the snow & helped us understand the environment & the way of life in that part of Finland, now & in the past. Cycling in Tallinn, testing fresh food in central market of Riga, kayaking and pick mushrooms in the Aukstaitija National Park.

In addition, we don't run these holidays ourselves - our only interest is giving you the best independent advice. Forests and frozen lakes, big skies and 18-hours of daylight - our girls were convinced they were in Narnia (the thaw suggesting Aslan would arrive soon). It was all brilliant, but I would say the most memorable bit was the husky safari, it was so peaceful once the dogs got started. Book through Responsible travel, every detail was planned Local benefits? This feeding station not only supported wolverines but also bears, ravens and other wildlife. I would like nothing better than to go back for another visit.

Less a point for 'missing out of one activity' but managed to schedule it back in. The optional activities day - some of the activities incur a further charge (if you wanted to do snowmobile riding or further husky sledge rides. One of the best experiences ever, could not recommend this holiday enough Memorable parts?

The rest of the trip was amazing too from the hotel Vuokkati, to cross country skiing, ice skating, visiting the spa at Katinkulta and Angry Birds park and going out on cross country ski trails and tobagonning from the hotel.

In Finland, there are certain things you just don't do - subtle differences that you as a traveler should be aware of to avoid those dreaded moments of awkwardness.

Don’t be an ignorant foreigner, and educate yourself about the basics.

You wouldn’t like it if people made inaccurate comments about your history on your own turf.This rule applies to most of the Scandinavian and Nordic quantities.That said, many travelers who have never been to this part of the part of the world might be in for quite a culture shock.To prevent you from innocently stepping on some Finnish toes, there are a few social no-goes to be aware of: This is a difficult one for most Westerners, as we all love to jump in with our own account of a story before the speaker has finished. Think of it as a valuable skill to learn; to listen with the intent of understanding instead of responding.It is rude, but we don’t seem to mind too much, as it is how our normal conversations go. In fact, Finns generally don’t trust people who talk too much while saying too little. And please, do not try to start a conversation by asking if Finland was once a communist country like its neighbouring Russia. It will be the end of the conversation, and quite possibly your undamaged nose.Foreigners might find the tolerance towards silence disconcerting, but Finns do not engage in small talk for the sake of just talking. Remember that Finland is a proud entity on its own, so don’t group it together with the rest of Eastern or Northern Europe.

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