101 christian dating site

So where exactly is the best place on the web to find quality Christian personal ads?

If you are a Christian woman of high Christian standards, you are looking for your own special, personal Adam (soul-mate) to share your life of faith, hope and love in Christ.

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Perhaps you will find a dating site below where you believe God wants you to post your personal profile as well.

: The CEO and Founder of Singles Of Faith Christian Dating Site is a bright, very personable, Christian pastor with a refreshing view of Christian dating; and a personal message of hope; Christian love; and personal service in Christ for single Christians.

With Single Of Faith membership prices are based on how many other members live near you.

Note that most of the events for Christian singles are in American cities, but even singles in Canada or rural America can benefit from posting a personal profile to the online dating service.

Try out Singles Of Faith with the free basic membership, see how many personal profiles are posted for members living in your area.

Look around and see how you like the overall dating site; then if you want to use all the cool features you have to upgrade to a paid membership.

Cost if there are less than 500 personal profiles posted for members in your area: Disclaimer: Although every reasonable effort is made to provide you with accurate information, including price information, it is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

Reliance upon or use of any information provided to you for free at

Adam Meet is at your own risk, and is not intended to replace a complete investigation of the facts on your part. Adam Meet is not meant to replace that of a qualified professional in the fields of medical, psychological, legal, financial, or any other paid advice professionals.


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