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“The Big House” is the largest stadium in the United States and the third largest in the entire world.

If that wasn’t intimidating enough, imagine it packed with well over 100,00 Wolverines.

LSU packs the gigantic stadium with over 100,00 screaming Tiger loyalists.

The purple and yellow end zones are an iconic symbol in college sports and LSU football is consistently ranked in the Top 25.

Night games are known to get so ear-splitting, many fans have begun to call it “Deaf Valley.” Nicknamed “The Horseshoe” because of its unique shape, The Shoe is one of college football’s largest stadiums.

“The Buckeye Bounce” is a crowd favorite and the marching band dotting the “i” has become a tradition at The Ohio State University.

The popular “OH, IO” chant still makes its way around the stadium and as my good friend once said, “You can yell ‘OH’ anywhere in the world and you’re guaranteed to get an ‘IO’ back from somebody.” The NCAA’s own version of The 12th Man fills Kyle Field to the brim every Saturday.

Upon A&M’s move to the SEC and the popularity of Johnny Manziel, the Aggies are only trending upwards and major renovations have recently taken place due to the new mass of popularity.

The fans at College Station consistently show up to support their team and they will be crucial in supporting the young Aggies in tough SEC West play.

Any football player can tell you home field advantage is no lie.

The travel is a headache, the away locker room is uncomfortable and the atmosphere is unfamiliar.

Not to mention thousands of screaming fans hoping to watch you fail.

College football fans are some of the loudest and proudest in the sporting world today, and these college’s stadiums and their fans are the most intimidating to visit on game day.

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