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Friday 20 September 2013 Children as young as eight are being forced into performing slave-like sex acts live on webcam by sexual abusers, according to research released today.The shocking detail has been revealed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre which has uncovered a worrying trend in children self-harming or taking their own lives as a result.In the past two years, the CEOP centre has been involved in 12 operations where blackmailing children into performing sexual acts has been a clear motive of the offender.

And unless the child agrees, the offender threatens to share the child’s pictures with family and friends.

Andy Baker, Deputy Chief Executive at the CEOP centre, said: These offenders are cowards.

They hide behind a screen, and in many cases make hollow threats which they know they will never act on because by sharing these images will only bring the police closer to them.

Research also shows that of those victims, seven children seriously self-harmed or attempted to take their own life, including six from the UK.

Seven children took their own life, including one from the UK.

The CEOP centre, which will become a command within the National Crime Agency from next month, has also found that in some cases, children are not only made to exchange sexual images/videos of themselves, but also forced by offenders to perform other acts live on webcam including writing degrading statements on their body and cutting themselves.

The children are usually forced into performing these acts after the offender, who often initially pretends to be a child, threatens to share their naked pictures with friends and family unless they do as they are told.

CEOP’s operations have involved hundreds of victims from around the world, with offenders from both the UK and abroad. In one case an offender even collated his images of blackmailed victims in a folder named ‘slaves’.

These operations are showing how offenders usually assume a fake identity by pretending to be a child and sometimes a different gender.

They initially target children on more open chat sites and social networks before quickly moving them into more private areas where conversations become sexualised.

Once the child has sent images, the offenders begin blackmailing them either for more indecent images or, in few cases, for cash.


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